Ayurvedic herbs. Handmade in India.

Founded by: Sunshine Zerda


  • Obsessed

    "I’m obsessed with this cream, I LOVE IT! It smells so beautiful and it's soft and moisturizing on my skin. I’m obsessed." – Jacqui K.

  • Trustworthy

    “Premium quality. It's incredible! I'm grateful for these Ayurvedic natural ingredients that do not irritate my sensitive skin. People have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my face. I refuse to use any other products, only Vibrant Mantra!” – Sean E.

  • Hydrating

    “I'm definitely very Vata, constitutionally. And I'm prone to dryer skin. So this cream has been amazing for me in keeping my skin hydrated and nourished with a healthy and vibrant after glow. It’s definitely part of my radiant rituals.” - Myrah P. 

  • Rejuvenating

    "I have incredibly sensitive skin, and using this cream on my face day and night has not only alleviated my skin rashes but also, at 72 years young, people often can't believe my age. I'm truly grateful for this age-defying product!" - Theresa Z.

  • Gentle

    Vibrant Mantra is the best product I’ve ever put on my skin! After years of trialling what felt like every product and supplement on the market to help clear my acne, Vibrant Mantra completely cleared my skin in ONE MONTH! So incredibly gentle and nourishing, I now refuse to moisturise with anything else! - Chelsie M.

  • Enthralled

    Feels beautiful on my skin and smells amazing, I absolutely love this product. - Doug K.